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Chapter Notes

Note Taking link to here link to index

For each chapter "finish" at least one page of helpful study notes to turn in with this rubric cover sheet.

Mark with a highlighter at least one example of where each of these four sources of information appear in your notes:

  1. the instructor's public lecture notes
  2. the corresponding textbook pages
  3. the notes you wrote during class
  4. your self-talk about how to study and/or master the topic

Your notes should also clearly include these four characteristics of quality math notes:

  1. topics are clearly labeled
  2. narrative and examples do not blur together
  3. definitions stand out
  4. everything is neat and easy to read

Levels of Math Understanding link to here link to index

Remember the three levels of math understanding? An optional yet smart study trick when finishing a textbook chapter is to list out the chapter's topics and then appropriately rate each topic. This helps you remember to double-check that you really are at the third level for each topic taught in the chapter.




Ask Questions link to here link to index

Sometimes reviewing a chapter to "wrap it up" and prepare quality math notes prompts students to notice small holes in their mastery of that chapter's topics. Do either of these two questions apply to you? Answering them is optional.

Which of your questions about these math topics still need satisfactory answers?




Which example problems from the lecture or textbook are still confusing?