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General Resources

Here are handy links to some resources for any students using this website.


Individual Development Account

Oregon IDA Initiative logo

An Individual Development Account can provide free money to people saving for college! You may use an IDA twice in your life. You pick a time span from six months to three years, and during that time save between $1,000 and $3,000 (you must save at least $25 every month). At the end of that time span, the program quadruples your money. Your $3,000 can turn into $12,000!

If you live near LCC, the local providers are the Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation and Goodwill. (For Goodwill, you can also contact Trysta at 541-431-3307.

The state of Oregon has its own IDA Initiative.

Nationally, most IDAs are provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. An IDA can be used for college, buying a home, or staring a business.


WeFinance logo

Anyone applying for a loan should explore many options. A special option perhaps worth considering is WeFinance, a business that is uses crowd-funding to lower interest rates.



Any "scientific" calculator that can do order of operations and has a fraction key and pi key will work for Math 20 and Math 25.

The official class guidelines recommend a Sharp D.A.L. 500 calculator, especially this model. It usually costs slightly less at the LCC Bookstore than that Amazon link.

Some students instead use a Casio that is inexpensive and also gets good reviews.

Online Audio and Video

Audio recordings of the Math 20 textbook sections (tenth edition) are here.

Video solutions of all Math 20 textbook (eleventh edition) chapter tests are on YouTube.

Other nice math videos online are at Khan Academy, Hawkes TV, and Learners TV.

The LCC Library has a special online math section.