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A lot of resources are available to you! Two different pages describe resources at LCC and more general resources that can help you succeed in you math classes.

Study Skills

A key part of having a strong math foundation is adopting the study skills that make efficient and productive math learners.

Before the Term: Organize Your Support Network, Review the Math You Know, Learning Styles, Proactive and Reactive

Relaxation: Two Brain Personalities, Practical Relaxation

Success: Dignity, Scaffolding, Privilege, Charm

Fears: Critical Thinking Skills, Intelligent Discussions, Avoiding Surprises, Anxiety on Your Shoulder

Time Management: Time Management, Office Hours, Study Groups, Minimizing Drama

Homework and Notes: Approaching, Levels of Understanding, Step-By-Step Answers, Note Taking, Calculator Use, Textbook Use

Test Taking: Before a Test, During a Test, After a Test

Responsibilities: Student Responsibilities, Instructor Responsibilities

Also see LCC's poster PDF Tips for Success, the LCC testing office page of study tips, and the textbook's study tips.

I also recommend two nice video series. The first is by Stephen Chew of Samford University, and discusses study skills in general. The second is by Jessica Bernards of Portland Community College and Mark DeSmet of Cabrillo College, and is specific to studying math.


Three essays about self-improvement that I wrote for my sons may also be helpful. These are discussions about motivation, changing habits, and how to be a chooser even when reactive.

My 2016 Professional Self-Reflection shares about my teaching style's strengths and goals.

Assignments for Communicating About Math

Students in both Math 20 and Math 25 must look at the LCC core learning outcomes and make four of them personal as a short essay.

Students in Math 20 or Math 25 may earn extra credit by writing four short explanatory essays.


The rubrics for our midterms, projects, notes, and quizzes detail how students are graded on those assignments.

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